Feature of JFC

1) Accessibility:=>> Technology are used full for disabled people who need addition  help   of user .

System include screen leader and speech recognition system .This API provides                          interface that allow technology to interact and communicate with JFC and AWT   component.

2) Java 2-D:=>> It can be used for performing advanced drawing, complex color manipulations, shape and tranformation(rotate, shear, stretch etc.) handling, and treat text as shapes that can be manipulated.

3) Pluggable Look-and-feel:=>>   This feature provides Swing components a choice of look-and-feel. The same program can be rendered in MS-Windows, Motif, and Metal look-and-feel formats.

4)Drag-and-drop:=>>GUI based data transfer, both between elements of one program and between different programs, has been a feature of modern GUI systems for a number of years. This type of transfer falls into two forms from the user’s point of view. These are cut-and-paste and drag-and-drop.

5)Internationalization:The JFC classes support different characters sets such as Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. This allows developers to build applications that can interact with users worldwide in their own language.

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